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Intelligent Engineering

The Lansdowne

November 2nd, 2017test

The project includes a block of 206 high-end apartments close to Five Ways in Edgbaston, Birmingham, along with a two storey car park to the rear.

The block will also open into a large, hotel style concierge lobby with a cafe and gym.

The building is a 16 storey precast concrete frame to the main floors, with an additional two storey lightweight steel structure on top forming the duplex apartments. The floors are supported on a combination of concrete columns and walls, and the building is stabilised by the main concrete stability core and shear walls.

The structure is supported on a series of piled foundations to transmit the loading into the underlying Bromsgrove Sandstone.

The building is situated next to the redevelopment of Number 1 Hagley Road which has been redeveloped into apartments.

The building is approximately 108,500 sq ft of floor area, this includes 350 bed accommodation units, a gymnasium and cinema at ground floor level.

The sub structure comprises a complex system of stepped reinforced concrete ground beams and pile caps supported by CFA concrete piles. The superstructure comprises a braced steel frame with composite concrete suspended floors.

The below ground drainage has been defined to incorporate SuDS principles in order to control the quantity of surface water run-off reaching the public sewer. Flows have been attenuated by incorporating a flow control devise and an attenuation tank to temporarily hold the excess surface water which is released at a reduced rate.

Bartholomew Row, Birmingham

January 27th, 2017test

The Christopher Wray building comprises of a row of terraced Georgian houses in Bartholomew Row next to East side City Park. This will be restored and a 15 storey residential tower constructed alongside it.

The final project which is scheduled to finish by July 2017 will create offices, pubs, art and design studios alongside 150 student bedrooms.

The building will be a 15 storey concrete frame to the main residential floors, stabilised by the main core shear walls.

The structure is supported on a series of piled foundations to transmit the loading into the underlying sandstone. CWA have provided structural design input to assist IDP in developing the scheme, along with the drainage strategy drawings for the planning application.